Ukraine, geopolitics and cyber threats

Image of Ukraine and data

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has brought war to the European continent once again.

And the conflict has, inevitably, brought an increase in cyber attacks against both Ukraine and its supporters.

That those attacks have not done more damage, or achieved a higher profile, is largely down to the defensive capabilities both of Ukraine and NATO.

But increasingly Russia is trying to combine cyber with physical attacks on critical infrastructure in Ukraine. How can states defend themselves against these blended attacks, and new vectors such as wiper malware? And what can NATO, and other countries, learn from Ukraine’s experience?

Our guest this week is Lauri Almann. He was working at Estonia’s Ministry of Defence when his country came under cyber attack in 2007. He is now co-founder and chairman of CybExer, a company that runs cyber attack simulations for NATO and other governments, as well as industry.

Here, he analyses what we have seen so far in Ukraine, and what it means for cybersecurity in the West.

Image by Elias and Reto Scheiwiller from Pixabay