Privacy Policy

Currently we only collect two types of information on this site:

1. Generic information (which cannot be used to personally identify you)

Broadly, this information includes:

  • the domain or ISP you used to visit the site
  • the date and time you visited
  • the page(s) that you visited

This may be collected by Google Analytics or WordPress, through their respective plug ins.

2. Personal information (Subscriptions)

If you choose to receive automated updates of new articles or posts on this website, we will need to collect the following information from you, and keep that on file unless you unsubscribe:

  • your email address

This information is held on the understanding that we have a business relationship, with you as a visitor of the site, who has chosen to receive updates. In addition, any new subscribers will be asked to confirm their subscription (“double opt in).

In order to send updates, this information may be processed by a third party (such as WordPress and Jetpack), in which case their privacy policies also apply.

We will not disclose, give, sell or transfer any personal information about our visitors, unless required by law.

If you subscribe to the Security Insights podcast, any personal data will be managed by the services or applications you use to manage your podcast subscriptions (eg Apple Podcasts, or Podbean). We do not have access to an personal data collected by these third party services.

3. Removing your name from our lists and data access requests.

There is an Unsubscribe link on each update, but you can also email using the contact details for the site. Please also use this form if you want to see which data we hold on you.

4. Jetpack additional policies

Jetpack has a number of privacy policies for their plug ins. Details of the plug ins used on this site, and how they use your data, are here.

5. Cookie policy

For full details of the cookies used on this site, and why, visit our Cookies Policy page.