Cyber on demand: filling the skills gap?

Should cybersecurity leaders look beyond their own organisations, to fill the skills gap?

Cybersecurity’s skills shortage is a persistent problem, despite the best efforts of recruiters, governments, the education sector and professional bodies.

Worldwide, there are close to 3.5 million vacancies in the industry. And the total seems to be growing, not falling.

In part, this is because moves to recruit and retain more staff, as well as to widen the talent pool, take time. And the shortage is, if anything, worse for mid-career cyber specialists.

In the immediate term this leaves CISOs with gaps to fill. One option is outsourcing. Another is to use “on demand” cyber specialists. But how do these options work with building larger and more effective in-house teams?

Do they go hand in hand, or are the two measures likely to conflict?

In the second of the second of our three part series looking at the evolution of the CISO’s role, we speak to Victoria Parker, advisory professional services manager at Orange Cyberdefense.

We discuss how external experts can help organisations secure their environments now – but how CISOs still need to invest in their own teams, and that critical talent pipeline.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay