A CISO’s journey: Mani Nagothu

Image of datacenter aisle

Constant change and the need to adapt is always a feature of cybersecurity. It is certainly a feature of the day to day role of the CISO.

And that’s why our guest this week lists curiosity as one of the key attributes for a successful cybersecurity career.

Mani Nagothu is field CISO at SentinelOne. Before that she headed up IT security for an energy company, following a career as a consultant.

But she didn’t start out in cybersecurity; her early career was as an engineer. And it was the engineer’s mindset that prompted her to explore cybersecurity roles. But the CISO’s role today is becoming less technical, and more business focused, she says.

This, in turn, is changing the requirements for a cybersecurity career, but also opening it up to people without a conventional background or training in IT or computing. Aptitude matters more than certifications.

In the third in our series of episodes about the changing role of the CISO, Mani talks to Stephen Pritchard about her career so far, what it takes to be successful as a CISO, and why greater diversity is the key to strengthening our security teams, and so our defences.

Mani Nagothu, SentinelOne

Image by Tung Lam from Pixabay