Critical infrastructure, cyber threats, and lessons from Ukraine

In this episode we look at the continuing threats to critical national infrastructure, or CNI.

National infrastructure is under attack from both nation state actors, and from ransomware gangs and other crime groups.

And, as the war in Ukraine has shown, energy and power generation is especially vulnerable. Are we set to see more politically motivated cyber attacks, and are we likely to see more use of cyber warfare, alone or in combination with conventional military tactics?

Our guest this week isĀ John Moran, a law enforcement veteran and former incident response consultant. He is now technical director at Tufin, where he is a close watcher of CNI and the risks it faces.

He spoke to editor Stephen Pritchard about the drivers behind attacks on CNI, the impact of international conflict, and steps organisations can take to counter the threats.

Image by Janusz Walczak from Pixabay