Security Insights is a podcast focusing on strategic and policy issues around cybersecurity. 

Our strapline is “the podcast that takes a deeper look at cyber security, and beyond”.

A good podcast, though is only as good as its guests. We are looking for informative, insightful and even entertaining experts from across the world of information security.

What is your guest booking policy?

Our booking policy is flexible. We set out to find guests who know their topic, and can speak fluently, and clearly. Cybersecurity is a technical subject, but our discussions need to be accessible to an intelligent, but non-expert listener. We want to explain why an issue matters, to governments, businesses or individuals.

There is no restriction on guests participating because they work for a vendor. Sometimes the leading experts in a field work on the vendor side. We do ask that vendor guests refrain from promoting products or reverting to marketing speak. Referencing real-world applications of a product is fine.

Nor is there any stipulation on seniority, qualifications, or nationality. We do aim to have a diverse guest roster.

If a guest has not appeared on many podcasts or videos before, we will invite them for an initial pre-recording call. 

Who is your audience?

Broadly, anyone working in, or with an interest in, cybersecurity. But we do lean more towards strategic and high-level topics, which are of interest to boards, CISOs and security leads, and policy makers.

How do you choose topics?

We select the subjects we want to cover based on a mix of topical issues in cybersecurity, long-term trends and developments and issues that, although not unique to cybersecurity, impact the industry.

We welcome guests’ suggestion for topics.

What are your lead times?

We usually plan three episodes ahead, so the typical lead time is 6-8 weeks. This can be shorter, if the story merits it.

Do you pay guests, or do we need to pay to appear?

We neither pay guests, nor accept payment to place guests on the show.

How long will the recording take?

Our episodes are 30 minutes long, so allow 45 minutes for a typical recording session.