The security of things: protecting the IoT

The Internet of Things continues to grow at pace. But are security flaws being addressed?

There are already millions, if not billions, of IoT devices in use.

Industrial, operational technology and consumer hardware is increasingly connected. But security is too often an afterthought. Common problems include default passwords and insecure firmware.

And many IoT devices are hard to patch, if they can be upgraded at all.

The result is a way into homes and businesses, an expanding attack surface, that risks undermining the benefits of IoT technology. But could 2022 be the year this changes?

The UK has introduced an industry code of practice, Secure By Design. And the Product Security and Telecommunications Infrastructure Bill should become law this year. What other changes should manufacturers make, and what steps can CISOs take, to fix security weak spots?

Our guest this week is John Moor, MD at the IoT Security Foundation. He talks to Security Insights’ editor Stephen Pritchard about the risks of IoT technology, and how manufacturers, governments and end users can help to solve them.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay