Ageism in Infosec: Are we losing the older generation?

Is ageism a problem in cybersecurity, and IT?

The pandemic has accelerated a trend that observers were already warning about: older staff are leaving IT security. And with them, their knowledge and experience leaves too.

There is no single reason why. Some people are concerned about their health. Others might have struggled to adapt to working from home. Or they might have decided they prefer home working and no longer want to return to the office.

Others still have opted to work part time, or retire early. But age discrimination could be a factor. If older workers do not feel valued and supported, they are all the more likely to move on.

What then can be done to encourage older workers to stay in the industry? To what degree is ageism a problem, and if it is, how do we counter it?

This week’s guests are inter-generational diversity expert and author, Henry Rose Lee and Gernot Hacker, from cybersecurity firm Appgate. Appgate recently commissioned a focus group study looking at attitudes to age in cyber security. The findings prompt some interesting discussions about age, skills, and what cybersecurity professionals want from the workplace.

Intergenerational expert Henry Rose Lee
Intergenerational expert Henry Rose Lee
Gernot Hacker, Appgate
Gernot Hacker, Appgate

Feature image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

Interview by Stephen Pritchard

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