5G: Revolution or security risk?

Image of earth with data

For business, 5G technology promises to replace both wired and wireless networks, inside the business and beyond.

The idea of a single network technology with the speeds of a wired connection, and without some of the bottlenecks and disadvantages of 4G, opens up a wealth of possibilities, in logistics and transportation, manufacturing, telemedicine and public safety. And it is at the core of the Internet of Things and the move to process more data at the enterprise edge.

But 5G could also come with significant security risks. Opening up the perimeter creates a greater attack surface, and organisations will need to improve their defences if everything is, by default, mobile and distributed.

In week’s episode our guest, Nathan Howe, VP of emerging technology and 5G at cloud security company Zscaler, sets out the risks associated with 5G, and what organisations need to do to deploy the technology successfully and safely.

Interview by Stephen Pritchard.

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay