Special report: Zero Trust

Could the internet be safer if we trust no-one?

For years, information security has relied on defending boundaries. Defend the corporate network, and everything within is secure.

That no longer works.

Far more fluid ways of working, and the erosion of a clear perimeter threatens this approach. Nor are tools such as passwords enough to verify devices, or their users.

Zero Trust sets out to replace perimeter defences – ever higher walls – with a more intelligent, flexible, less intrusive and more effective form of security.

But how practical is this? Could zero trust methods create more friction? And will organisations invest the time and money needed to make to work?

In this special report, Security Insights editor Stephen Pritchard investigates the origins of zero trust, its effectiveness, and its prospects.

With guests Elliot Rose, of PA Consulting, Ian Pratt, from HP Personal Systems, Iben Rodriguez of Gigaom and Nico Fischbach of Forcepoint.

Image by Tayeb MEZAHDIA from Pixabay