Security, SMEs, and new ways of working

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Are smaller businesses doing enough to protect themselves from cyber attack?

Smaller firms are no means immune to cyber attack.

In fact, there is growing evidence that criminal groups are targetting smaller businesses.

One reason is the changes to working practices brought on by the pandemic, with more remote access and the use of consumer IT. And smaller businesses are being used as a way to infiltrate the supply chains of their larger customers.

What, though, can SMEs do to improve their security?

Improved training, clearer IT policies and better use of security tools, including those that come with SaaS suites all help, according to this week’s guest.

Lee Wrall is founder at Everything Tech, an IT services firm based in Manchester. He also believes passionately that smaller companies can be secure, withe the right planning and support. He spoke to Security Insights’ Stephen Pritchard.

Everything Tech’s Lee Wrall

Featured image: cocoandwifi from Pixabay