CRESTCon 2023: CREST President Rowland Johnson

Rowland Johnson, CREST President (photo: CREST)

In our second podcast from CRESTCon Europe 2023, we catch up with Rowland Johnson, CREST President.

The cybersecurity sector faces a number of challenges: professionalisation, improving diversity, dealing with a stubborn skills shortage and the potential, and potential threats, of AI.

So how does the industry — and the organisations it serves — move from what Johnson describes as a “market failure” to a collaborative world based on a network of trust?

And how can cybersecurity professionals harness technology to do more?

CREST is one of the organisations driving standards and professionalisation in cybersecurity. But CREST also wants to see greater flexibility and collaboration across the industry, as well as between government, the private sector and indeed, between businesses that in most other respects, are rivals.

First, though, we asked Johnson to give his assessment on the current state of cybersecurity.

Interview by Stephen Pritchard