Nation state cyber attacks: Part 2: evolving threats, adapting defence

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Cyber attacks by nation states, and state-backed actors, are becoming more frequent.

Researchers at Forrester calculate that nation state attacks on private businesses have doubled over the last four years.

And attacks are becoming both more overt, and more severe. Attackers have widened their objectives, and changed their methods.

Espionage is no longer the only, or even the most important, motivation. Attackers might look to disrupt businesses, destroy data, or even steal funds. And all this is as well as the role cyber attacks can play in international conflict.

In this second part of our analysis of nation state cyber attacks, we look at how private businesses are increasingly the target of nation state threats, and how they can defend against them.

Forrester recently published new research on nation state threats, as well as a model for defence. The research is summarised here. And our guest for this episode is Allie Mellen, senior analyst covering cybersecurity at Forrester, and lead author for the research.

Interview by Stephen Pritchard.

Image by Amy from Pixabay