Data privacy, AI and the board

Woman in front of binary code data privacy

Balancing the need for privacy, and the demands of business for ever more data, is never easy. Data, including personal data, is essential for innovation, productivity, and better public services.

At the same tine individuals deserve to have their privacy protected online.

With legislation such as the GDPR now well established, is data privacy still something businesses need to worry about?

Organisations face myriad other pressures, including rising costs and continuing skills shortages. It would be understandable, if privacy had slipped down the agenda. And, although a robust approach to privacy can be a competitive advantage, it is far from easy to measure that advantage, or to convince the board to go beyond the minimum required to meet regulations.

Our guest this week is Camilla Winlo, head of data privacy at Gemserv. She argues that new legislation, such as the Data Reform Bill, the growth of AI and even deep fakes as reasons for boards to pay attention to data privacy, to move towards “privacy by design”, and even to reduce the volume of data that firms collect and hold.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay