Cyber: A new Cold War?

Barbed wire border fence

Is cyber the new war zone?

NATO has declared cyber as one of the domains of warfare. The UK is standing up a National Cyber Force.

And both friendly and hostile nations are bolstering their defensive – and offensive – cyber capabilities.

Nation states account for a growing percentage of cyber attacks. And some experts warn that state-sanctioned hacking could spill over into an all-out cyber conflict, or worse still, outright war.

But is that overstating the risk? Will state actors hold back from attacks on sectors such as energy, or healthcare? Will they stop short of causing civil unrest, or is that their goal?

Cyber is now firmly part of the “grey zone” between peace and war, where norms and behaviours are only now starting to emerge.

What steps should governments, international bodies, and the cybersecurity industry itself take to stop an accidental cyber attack becoming an international incident?

In this Insights Interview, Security Insights editor Stephen Pritchard discusses this, and more, with Nominet Cyber’s MD, David Carroll.

David Carroll Nominet Cyber
David Carroll od Nominet Cyber

Featured image by mnswede70 from Pixabay