Closing the skills gap – part 4: Michael Smith, Neustar

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Are firms failing to hire the right people for cybersecurity roles?

The issue of the skills shortage is well documented. There is less discussion of the “hiring gap”. Some organisations are failing to fill vacancies; others are struggling to develop the careers of these they do hire.

Is the problem as much down to matching candidates to roles, as it is finding the right people, and the people with the right skills, in the first place?

And do qualifications match the skills needed in the workplace?

Our guest this week is Michael Smith, field CTO at Neustar Security Services. He argues that too often, firms are looking for the impossible: candidates who can tick off a laundry list of skills. Or worse, good candidates are forced into roles they lack the experience to carry out.

All this, too, is coming at a time when business is becoming ever more digital. In fact, the skills gap is, in part, a result of our success in moving to digital business, especially during the pandemic. But it is creating demand for cyber skills everyone is struggling to meet.

Interview by Stephen Pritchard.

Image by Tumisu from Pixabay