Closing the skills gap – part 3: Karen Worstell, VMWare

How early do we need to start to awaken interest in cybersecurity, and indeed technology, as a career?

As the industry continues to face a skills shortage, employers and educators are looking more closely at the talent pipeline. Cybersecurity needs to encourage people to take the right university courses and to apply for openings in the sector. But then, the sector needs to help these entrants develop their both their careers, and their skills as cybersecurity professionals.

And nor is that the whole picture.

In this week’s episode, VMWare’s senior security advocate, Karen Worstell, argues that we might need to go back as far as early years education to encourage young people to consider cybersecurity, and technology more broadly, as a place they want to work.

And there’s also more industry can do, from tackling discrimination, improving inclusivity and improving retention by making cybersecurity a more attractive place to work. But we also need to look further out. That means addressing threats by bolstering the built-in security in the devices we use on a daily basis, she says.

Portrait of VMWare's Karen Worstell
VMWare’s Karen Worstell (photo byShelly Au)

Main image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay