Closing the skills gap – part 1: Deryck Mitchelson

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The cybersecurity industry faces a massive skills gap.

In the UK, the number of vacancies is put at more than 30,000.

Worldwide, experts put the shortfall at over three million.

And the global pandemic has made it harder to fill vacancies. It might even have added to the skills gap, with senior and experienced staff joining the “great resignation”.

But why is there a shortage of skilled security personnel? Are the reasons cultural, problems with education, or a lack of diversity?

What is the impact on organisations’ operations?

And what can we do?

Over the next few weeks, Security Insights will attempt to answer at least some of these questions.

Our first guest in the series is Deryck Mitchelson. He is a former Director of National Digital and Chief Information Security Officer at NHS Scotland. Mitchelson is now global CIO and CISO at Check Point.

He spoke to Security Insights editor, Stephen Pritchard,.

Image by congerdesign from Pixabay