The problem of online fraud, with RSA Security’s Daniel Cohen

As business moves online, so does fraud.

Online fraud is already a multi-billon dollar problem. Research suggests that card not present fraud alone could shortly reach US$130bn.

And with more business being done online, and cards and phone payments replacing cash, online fraud is only likely to grow.

What can the industry do to counter this? And how do retailers, banks and the card companies balance the need for security and fraud prevention with the need to control costs, and the user experience?

Security Insights invited RSA Security’s Daniel Cohen to discuss the changing threat, the latest in fraud detection technology and why anti-fraud measures should be on the CISO’s agenda.

RSA Security’s Daniel Cohen

Fraud examples

Phishing email claiming to be from the WHO (via RSA Security)
Sources of consumer fraud attacks (via RSA Security)

Featured image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay