Building security capability at Thrive Homes

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When John Stenton started as head of IT at housing provider Thrive Homes, he admits its technology was a “bit of a mess”. There was a lot to do, both to review security and to reassure the board that the business was being protected.

Thrive Homes is fairly typical of the type of mid-sized organisation that didn’t see itself as being in the cyber front line. But any organisation can be a target especially when they are handling seven-figure property transactions, as Stenton explains.

And he discovered there was a lot of work to do, to improve technology, processes and above all, to help the organisation’s people to focus on security.

This week’s episode is a rare, insider’s account of exactly what it takes to review, and build up, a business’ cyber defences.

Stenton talks candidly to Security Insights’ editor, Stephen Pritchard, about his decision to bring in an outside consultancy. And he describes the work they did, and the impact this had on Thrive’s security capabilities.

Also joining us is Kerry Jones, head of compliance and information security at DigitalXRAID, the partner Thrive brought in to help.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay