DDoS: attacks on the rise?

DDoS, or distributed denial of service attacks, continue to plague organisations operating online. Attacks are up 14 per cent on 2019’s figures, according to research by security firm NETSCOUT

And DDoS attacks are becoming more complex, with some using as many as 26 different vectors.

At the same time, there is a massive online market for DDoS attacks. A terabit-class attack can cost as little as $6500. Sites on the dark web even offer criminal hackers free trials of their wares, so the barriers to entry are effectively zero.

What, then, can security teams do to counter the DDoS threat? And could governments do more to deter those who use them? Our guest this week is Richard Hummel, ASERT Threat Intelligence Lead at NETSCOUT. He discusses this, and more, with editor Stephen Pritchard.

Featured image: by Pete Linforth from Pixabay