Cyber war: is it everyone’s business?

The last few years have seen growing concerns about cyber war, driven by events in Ukraine, the Middle East and other conflict zones, and a rise incidents linked back to nation state actors.

But a cyber war might already be happening. After all, cyber attacks are not always visible. Nor do victims always acknowledge them.

What we do know is that governments and militaries in the West are increasingly worried about the impact of cyber attacks on both defence and critical infrastructure. And they are taking steps to build up their own cyber capabilities.

But what does this mean for businesses, which might not see themselves as on the front line of a cyber conflict? Should organisations outside central government take steps, and spend money, to defend against hostile nation-state actors? And if they do, which measures will work?

Our guest for this week’s episode is Prof Richard Benham. He is a UK Government adviser on cyber security, the first professor in cyber security management, and Patron of The National Museum of Computing at Bletchley Park. He is also a non-executive director at Emerge Digital, and a best-selling author.

Prof Benham discusses his analysis on cyber war, the threats it poses and what we can do about it, with Stephen Pritchard.

Prof Richard Benham
Prof Richard Benham

Featured image by Binärius from Pixabay

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