Chief business security officers: the CISO’s new ally?

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A growing number of organisations are appointing chief business security officers. But what do they do, and why are they needed?

With businesses facing a greater range of threats — both physical and virtual — the CBSO aims to bridge the gap between the organisation, and its security functions.

But CBSOs are also part of a team, often working closely with both CISOs and those responsible for areas including physical security, or fraud prevention.

Our guest this week is the CBSO at ADP International, a global business providing HR services in over 140 countries. Anaïs Beaucousin talks about her role, and the threats and risks she manages. She also sets out what is needed to work effectively as part of a broader security team.

Beaucousin works in partnership with the company’s CISO, with a shared objective of helping the business consider security at an earlier stage in projects.

This episode is the first of three programmes that look at the changes in security across business. We will also examine the role interim or outsourced security professionals can play in plugging the industry’s growing skills gap. And the final episode will look at the changing role of the CISO.

Image by mastersenaiper from Pixabay