Secure remote working: a year on, with Amar Singh

Office staff in face masks

How have businesses adapted to the pandemic, and has cybersecurity kept pace?

What are the risks posed by remote and home working, and how do CISOs mitigate them?

Over the last year the threat landscape, but also the shape and form of corporate information technology has changed, and possibly forever.

At the start of the pandemic, businesses started out on a journey that would transform the world of work for millions.

A year ago Security Insights invited Amar Singh, founder and CEO of the Cyber Management Alliance, to discuss the steps organisations should take, to make that transformation as secure as possible.

Few of us could have imagined a mass-scale move to remote working, even five, let alone 10 years ago.

But the speed of the change has brought problems. Security is one of them.

A year on, how have organisations fared? Which measures have worked well, and which less well?

And what steps should CISOs take now to ensure organisations stay secure as, hopefully, we start to exit lockdowns?

One year on, Security Insights invited Amar Singh back, to discuss the lessons learned — and what to do next.

CMA's Amar Singh
The CMA’s Amar Singh

To listen to Amar Singh’s original interview, click here. Note that this interview first appeared on the Security Insights’ Soundcloud channel in March 2020.

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