Critical National Infrastructure: changing threats, a changing response

Critical national infrastructure is constantly under attack, from an ever greater range of threat actors.

Not all the attacks are reported, of course, and governments and businesses go to great lengths to protect their systems, and to prevent incidents from disrupting their operations.

But the threats facing critical infrastructure are evolving all the time. We are seeing a move away from ransomware and attacks on data, to attacks on physical operations. Some threat actors are going as far as disrupting infrastructure, and asking for a ransom to stop.

Our guest this week is Trevor Dearing, director of critical infrastructure at Illumio. He says that as the threats against CNI have evolved, his work is focusing more on resilience, and helping organisations to survive and recover from attacks.

It is simply impossible to deter, or prevent, all attacks, so how do cybersecurity teams keep systems running, or if this can’t be done, bring them back on line as quickly as possible?

He discusses how the evolving threat landscape is changing the sector’s approach to cybersecurity with Security Insights’ editor, Stephen Pritchard.

Featured image by Joe from Pixabay